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about titan builders photo


We have the most modern machinery with injection blow molding technology. We are using 100% Virgin Polycarbonate resins for bottles and polyethylene for caps. Our bottles are having uniform necks to prevent leakages. The caps are having wads and stickers, All materials are Food approved.

Poly carbonate water bottles 5 Gallon capacity is being widely used in drinking water industry worldwide due to the following properties. Excellent mechanical strength, High clarity, High temperature resistant.

PC has high scratch resistance, it can be reused 30-50 times, it will not shrink while hot water washing. PC is one of the high performance hetro chain polymeric materials that comprise the family of “Engineering thermo Plastics”. It is environment friendly, can be recycled.

PC is Food approved material and approved for using drinking water.

Polyethylene Cap with wad and seal to fit PC bottle produced from Virgin materials. This product is best quality and design.

All our products meets with international standards, we are an ISO certified company. With strict internal quality control procedures it is ensured that our customers gets the best product.